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About Eco Air Systems

We live and breathe quality air and we think you should too! Fuelled by pride and passion and backed by 30 years of industry experience, the experts at Eco Air Ssytems have been installing quality ventilation systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings for over a decade.

From emergency residential mould eradication to large-scale workplace health and safety projects, we provide tailored solutions to ensure the best air quality that will last a lifetime, permanently eradicating mould and creating cleaner environments for work and living.

Based in Melbourne, our company and our systems stand out from the rest with modern technology and expert advice. When you choose Eco Air Systems, you are choosing superior technology and outstanding service.

Our experience over the past three decades has shown us what works, what doesn’t and the best ways to permanently eradicate and prevent issues by installing systems with high-grade technology and smart design.

Although general home and office ventilation systems may be designed and constructed with high performance in mind, crucial factors such as air quality and energy usage are compromised. It’s not just about ventilation; it’s about better living through better health and wellbeing.


Air Quality Evangelists

We are incredibly passionate about quality, not only in our ventilation products and services but also in air quality and quality of life.

Unfortunately, air quality and its effect on our cognitive and physical health in our day to day lives is underestimated for the most part. On average, Australians spend at least 90% of their time indoors; this means that we are spending the majority of our time in poorly ventilated and often polluted spaces.

Poor indoor air quality is capable of making us sick and feeling lethargic, and the problem is only getting worse. We love what we do and are proud to be making a difference in people’s lives by giving them Bio-filtered Indoor air quality, permanent solutions and greater peace of mind.

Eco air solves major Indoor Air Quality problems for everyday people by installing Energy Recovery Ventilation, increases the value of homes and reduces energy costs. We plan to bring education and awareness about indoor air quality to various industries in the future, including commercial and industrial business so that there is more thought and attention given to design and building practices, thereby improving indoor air quality from the outset.


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