Air Testing Services

Detecting invisible particles

Ecoair Air Testing Services utilises sophisticated Air Testing Equipment to sample air quality of any room or space. This is an important aspect of our services, helping to determine oxygen levels, the presence of contamination such as asbestos, moulds, vapours, lead, gases and volatile organic compounds.

It’s a fact that the naked eye can not see 98% of Airborne Contamination (the invisible particulate). Because it can’t be detected, it causes people to breathe polluted air, without them even knowing. Airtight homes and work environments are routinely designed to maximise energy ratings potentially exposes people to breathe stale, oxygen-depleted, contaminated air. This decreases productivity and impacts overall health.


Why air testing services are necessary

Inhaling oxygen depleted contaminated air can create health issues and cause respiratory symptoms, trigger headaches, lethargy, poor cognition and a general feeling of being unwell. In buildings, air quality testing benefits productivity, improves decision-making ability of employees, reduces the need for constant maintenance and optimises the energy performance of the building. These are just a few of the key benefits that can be achieved by the analysis of indoor air quality.

The benefits of having air quality tested in schools are almost endless, as it ensures a safer, energy efficient environment. Optimum air quality in classrooms helps students achieve a higher level of productivity, longer attention span, improved memory and concentration. Other important benefits include a reduction in asthma triggers and the general health and wellness of students and staff.

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