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Is your website working for you? Does your website effectively create leads and covert into sales? Are you missing some vital elements that would dramatically change the way your website performs? In the first eight seconds of visiting your website a potential customer will decide whether or not to stick around and do business with you. It is your websites job to make sure this happens so here are 10 must haves to assist in this process.

1. Analytics

If you cannot measure and analyse the way in which visitors interact with your website how are you going to build and execute effective campaigns and increase conversions? Website analytics are the cornerstone to understanding a myriad of factors about the way your website performs. Platforms such as Google Analytics and Kissmetrics offer a host of exhaustive options for analysing your website metrics and visitors preferences.

2. Subscriptions

Encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list. When done effectively, newsletters and email marketing are still by far one of the most cost effective ways to market your products and services. Create an incentive to join your mailing list such as a pdf download or coupon for a product discount. As an example check out the social media offer on this page.

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Being discovered in search engines is critical for increasing exposure to your website. By ranking on the first page of a search engine like Google or Bing you will dramatically increase the amount of visitors you receive. Remember having a website is like owning a bricks and mortar store hidden down a dark alley that no one really knows about. A good search engine ranking is like putting a 20 foot neon sign out front to make sure people notice you.

4. Call To Action

Now that you have got some traffic visiting your website it’s time to convert them into leads. Without a strong call to action you may lose your potential new customer if they are distracted
before considering your product or service. Time is of the essence when someone visits your website for the first time, so ensure you have a compelling call to action that will inspire and encourage them to contact you before leaving your site.

5. Contact Forms

Not all of your website visitors will have access to their email accounts when viewing your website. Some may be on their phones or working remotely so make sure you have accessible contact forms that capture all the relevant details such as name, email address and phone number.

6. Reviews & Testimonials

Recommendations carry a lot of weight online and by publishing customer testimonials and
reviews on your website you will increase the likelihood of potential customers moving into the phase of consideration for your products and services.

7. Humanise Your Website

For some people, the Internet still represents an untrustworthy environment so by humanising your website you will have a chance of breaking through that barrier and make a deeper
connection with your website visitors. To achieve this think about adding photos of you and your staff. Create a section dedicated to an about us page with biographies and links to social media profiles. Personalise your support page by adding a name and photo of a dedicated
support person.

8. Above The Fold

Keep critical information above the fold. Don’t make visitors scroll down the page to find out what it is your business does. Ensure tag lines, flagship products, contact numbers and call to actions remain in the top section of your website for optimised visibility. Remember you have under 8 seconds to engage your website visitor once they land on your website so use that time wisely.

9. Social Media

In most cases if you are running or promoting your business online then you will no doubt also be managing a few social media streams, whether it is Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or any of the myriad of others why not share some of this content on your website with an embedded stream. This not only provides your website with some dynamic content but also engages your visitors and increases the chance of building your fans and followers. Another key tip is to make sure you have social bookmarking and sharing features enabled so visitors can like and share your content, giving you greater reach through recommendation.

10. Marketing Funnel

Think about how a potential visitor is going to discover you on the web and what process they may go through before calling, engaging your services or purchasing a product through your store. This is typically know as the customer journey and is capitalised by understanding all the elements and channels that contribute to each touchpoint of the decision making process. We will explore this further in our next blog so make sure you join our mailing list to be notified of new articles when they are published.

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